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Saint Louis School 
77 Boisvert Street
Lowell, Massachusetts
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Welcome to our family!


At St. Louis School
We Believe . . .

· That all children are capable  of successful learning

· In families, teachers, and staff  working together to ensure that all children receive the very best
learning experience both in
school and at home

· In high expectations, coupled with an understanding of each child’s unique challenges and gifts

· In cultivating knowledge of child development to foster our             curriculum and in keeping that    curriculum current, challenging,
and centered in Christ

· That children learn by doing—
we promote exploration, interaction, and engagement

· That Christ is our guide, model,  and hope at St. Louis School

Now Accepting Applications for the 2018-2019 School Year!
Toddler (2 yrs) - Grade 8
Tours and Shadow Days Available
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Principals Update

​November 16th, 2018

Christmas Fair is scheduled for Saturday, November 17 from 9M-3:OOpm. We hope to See you there. Fundraisers such as this Fair help to support operating expenses. Tuitions, alone, do not cover expeditures

STEM: There is no STEM program on Monday, November 19.

Special thanks to Jim McMorrow and Dan Knowlton along with students from Merrimack College for helping to Start the clean Out Of the convent.

The Lowell police Dept is scheduled to speak to students in grades 5-8 on the effective use of social media in today's world.

Thanksgiving Mass is scheduled for Wednesday, November 21 at 9:00am. All are invited to attend. Dismissal is at 11:00am. There is no daycare. Students will return to school on Monday, November 26.

Reminder: Students enrolled in the Toddler program must attend school on the days that they are officially enrolled. They are not allowed to come another day or do make up days. Additional payment will be charged. Students may use sippy cups, not baby bottles. If there are any questions please contact the principal.

Inclement weather: Please refer to information on Cancellation/DeIay of School found in the Parent-student Handbook. A copy Of this has been previously sent to you via Constant Contact. Saint Louis School will follow the directives of Lowell Public Schools. If Lowell Public School has no school, Saint Louis School Will have no school. If Lowell Public School is delayed, Saint Louis School will have a delayed opening. Our back door Will be opened for Cars at 9:30am. School Will be officially in session at 10:00am. Our daycare will open at 6:30am for the convenience of families. If your child is previously registered, a fee of $7.00 per hour will be charged. If your child is not registered, a fee Of $10.00 per hour will be charged. Parent discretion is advised. 

MS. Vina M. TroianeLLo M.Ed.