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Saint Louis School 
77 Boisvert Street
Lowell, Massachusetts
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Welcome to our family!


At St. Louis School
We Believe . . .

· That all children are capable  of successful learning

· In families, teachers, and staff  working together to ensure that all children receive the very best
learning experience both in
school and at home

· In high expectations, coupled with an understanding of each child’s unique challenges and gifts

· In cultivating knowledge of child development to foster our             curriculum and in keeping that    curriculum current, challenging,
and centered in Christ

· That children learn by doing—
we promote exploration, interaction, and engagement

· That Christ is our guide, model,  and hope at St. Louis School

Now Accepting Applications for the 2019-2020 School Year!
Toddler (2 yrs) - Grade 8
Tours and Shadow Days Available
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Saint Louis Royals Athletics
Athletic Director: Donna Garabedian

Saint Louis School offers a wide variety of instructional, intramural, and interscholastic sports for students in grades K-8.  
Instructional Programs
Skiing/ Snowboarding (grades 4-8)
Swimming (grades K-8)
Archery (grades 2-8)
Golf (grades K-8)
​Tennis (gradesK-8)
Fencing (grades 2-8)
Ping-Pong (grades K-8)
Intramural Programs
Basketball​ (grades 1-5)
Kickball (grades K-5)

Interscholastic Programs ​​

JV: Grades 5&6   Varsity: Grades 7&8

​​​Fall Sports

Boy's and Girl's Soccer: JV and Varsity
Coed Volleyball: JV and Varsity
​Coed Cross Country

​Winter Sports

Boys' and Girls' Basketball: JV and Varsity
Coed Cheerleading
Coed Bowling

​​​Spring Sports

Baseball: Grades 6-8 only
Softball: Grades 6-8 only
Coed Tennis
Coed Track and Field

Medical Release
Pre-Participation Head Injury- Concussion Form
Parent-Athlete Concussion Information